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    Carole Del VecchioCarole Del Vecchio

    I am excited to be part of this initiative because no great change happens without a good amount of energy spurring it forward.
    I am a product of generations of sole proprietors and am grateful to have learned how to do so many things at a very young age. In other words, hands-on learning was a huge part of my education even though it did not happen in school. Let’s find ways to show kids that they have multiple career options available to them through early education interventions.

    Because I value my upbringing, I wanted to bring a similar experience to young people who showed an interest in what we have erroneously called alternative career paths. I have been offering lessons and workshops to kids and adults for four to five years. My youngest student was seven years old and my oldest student was seventy. One-size education does not fit all so those young people who enjoy creating with their hands need early exposure to the many choices that are available to them. I would love to hear from other ambassadors. Please leave your thoughts.


    Carole Del Vecchio, Assistant Professor
    Goodwin University (BTAM)

    Bernadette BoltonBernadette Bolton

    I agree that nurturing these interests is critically important. I’d like to know more about these workshops — are they through Goodwin or are you offering them independently?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Chelle WoodChelle Wood

    Hello Bernadette,
    The workshops focus on critical areas identified in the CT State Strategic Plan: workforce, supply chain, innovation, manufacturer support services, etc. Paul Lavoie, via the Office of Manufacturing, developed the content for these sessions. We actually work(ed) with Middlesex Community College on production and delivery – they have a phenomenal resource called the Corporate Media Center. We will have live sessions w/ Ambassadors and Paul, an exclusive benefit of being part of MAP. Afterwards, recorded portions of the workshops will be shared on various platforms.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Hall
    Project Manager
    Office of Manufacturing

    Deb PresbieDeb Presbie

    I’d like to make everyone aware of the Manufacturing Careers Roadshow ’23 targeted at middle and high school youth. Information is available on ReadyCT’s website at We have over 1500 students coming to the April 4 event at Quinnipiac University.

    We also launched a website,, that is designed to connect manufacturers and K-12 manufacturing education programs.

    Please reach out to me at [email protected] for more information on these exciting initiatives.


    Deb Presbie

    Mary Ruth ShieldsMary Ruth Shields

    Good afternoon everyone! Great discussion! Carole, thanks for sharing about your background. I grew up in a family of makers as well. I am very focused on creating jobs for folks who thrive when they are working with their hands.
    Last week my business, United Sewing and Design, was one of the featured businesses at an SBDC event at the capital. I spoke with Michelle Gilman, the Commissioner of the CT Department of Administrative Services. She mentioned that one of her initiatives is to focus on enhancing technical education in the public technical schools. It will be interesting to see what comes of that.
    Thanks also Deb for highlighting your program!

    Carole Del VecchioCarole Del Vecchio

    Hi Bernadette,
    I have been offering lessons/workshops for 4 – 5 years out of my home-based welding/fabrication shop. I initially targeted home schooled kids, but over time I have taught students age 7 through 70! Please shoot e an email @ [email protected] and I will give you more details. Thanks so much for asking.


    Carole Del Vecchio
    183 Broad Brook Road
    Enfield, CT 06082


    Carole Del VecchioCarole Del Vecchio

    This is an amazing initiative. Kudos to you for getting this ball rolling. I will send you an email for more information.


    Paul LavoiePaul Lavoie

    Hi Mary Ruth,

    I am on the Board of Advisors for our Technical High School System. We do a great job of providing technical education for our high school students in CT. Additionally, we have 50 manufacturing programs (that we know of – school districts self report and they don’t all respond) in comprehensive high schools.



    Malia SieveMalia Sieve

    Greetings, all

    Did you know that 16-17 year olds ARE ABLE to participate in internships, pre-apprenticeships, or cooperative work experiences on the production floor? There’s a good deal of confusion in the field about this, and we’re excited to bust some common myths.

    For more details, visit

    As we all know, these sorts of experiences are so important for exposing and exciting our students about careers in manufacturing. With the legal issues out of the way, I’d love to talk about what a meaningful work-place experience looks like for these budding manufacturers.

    Please feel free to share the link with others!

    Malia Sieve

    Richard ClearyRichard Cleary

    Hi Deb,

    Can we get the November ACM Workforce Tradeshow listed on the page as one of the ReadyCT stops? Last year, there were over 1100 students in the Hartford area that attended.

    Rick Cleary
    VP Development
    New England Air Museum
    ACM Board Member

    brian k. grossguthbrian k. grossguth

    Attended a great focus group meeting today in regards to the Norwich. Very informative.

    Thanks to Malia, Jacquie, Linda, and David.

    Malia SieveMalia Sieve

    Thank you, Brian, as well as the other manufacturers, for making it informative! Listening to the needs of employers is how programs improve!

    Eileen CandelsEileen Candels

    hello all! Carole, love your posts on LinkedIn and your passion for inspiring others, and of course so appreciate collaborating with ReadyCT on the Mfg Careers Roadshows and other events to create more awareness for career path options.

    Wanted to alert this group, and all Mfg Ambassadors to upcoming Manufacturing month events – as submitted to me, or as we find in the ecosystem, will be posted for both student/parent and community awareness and participation and for employers on this website:

    Also, one of the upcoming events will be on 10/4 from 3-6 open house at Goodwin University, 3 Pent Road in East Hartford, where we will host tours of their Advanced Manufacturing Center and Mobile Labs, and where students, educators, parents etc can meet with some Mfg employers to learn about today’s careers in Mfg. Link to register:

    email me any updates or for more info: [email protected]. Thanks!


    Hello Everyone!
    I’m new to the Ambassador Program and this group. I joined to learn more about manufacturing and how to help steer the correct students into the careers associated with the manufacturing arena. I selected this discussion based on the title and I am already looking forward to learning and sharing resources with as many students and adults as I can.

    Nick BriereNick Briere

    Hi All!

    The concept of student-centered learning is something that resonates very deeply with us – we reach 11,000 CT students annually through STEM oriented, student-centered learning programs, with 89% of our inventors coming from below-median income communities. We are a non-profit that has been around for more than 40 years!!

    Would be more than happy to chat with anyone about how we deploy our programs, the impact, etc.


    Connecticut Invention Convention
    [email protected]

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