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    brian k. grossguthbrian k. grossguth

    We can not forget the Front-Line Leaders who lead our manufacturing work force. Most critical as these Leaders have the most touch points with the employees actually performing the tasks at hand. Are companies investing in Leadership Training such as: Building Trust, Productive Conflict Resolution, Influencing Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Inspirational Leadership. The demographics of the worker today, in my opinion and experience, requires that Leaders adapt their style.

    Paul KrzykowskiPaul Krzykowski

    Hi Brian,

    I agree those are some of the most influencing leaders that come in contact with many employees on daily basis.
    It’s also good to send people to leadership training that are not supervisors but often work closely with many people on production floor such as engineers.

    I and one of my coworkers from EDCO went through leadership training recently it was hosted by UniMetal in Thomaston and the company that was leading the training was Quality of Leadership with Dr. Mike Bagley you can get in touch with him at e-mail [email protected] for any available seats for September.

    Things we were able to get out of it was; we learned about our leadership approach styles, learned about four styles of leading an directing individuals, group work with folks from different companies and career levels. It was engaging and interesting two days of leadership training.

    Hilary DelageHilary Delage

    I have had many years with Dr. Mike Bagley and he is a wonderful resource for this training.
    This is the best email to reach him. [email protected]
    please reach out to me if you would like additional information about this training.
    I have had over 200 employees go thru his program, as well as assisted 35 additional companies in the State of CT to attend.

    brian k. grossguthbrian k. grossguth

    Thanks for your input Hilary and Paul. I have resources that I use as well. My comment was just opening the discussion on the topic of Leadership. I am hoping this gains traction and becomes part of the initiatives presented by certain agencies of the states. Hopefully leading to structured focused teams to share best practices, where improvement is required and learn from our experiences.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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